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The squire in the Canterbury tales by Geoffery Chaucer is the son of the knight, twenty years old, he travels with the knight, these two are of the highest social class although his tale is interrupted by the Franklin. sadly there is not a ton of information on the squire when it comes to his tale because he is cut off.

Squire's Tale: (summary)[]

The squire begins his tale after being asked to tell a story of his favorite subject love. He starts by describing the king of the mongols, it's his birthday and the king is visited by a knight with gifts from the king of India and king of Arabia he gives the king his daughter Canacee a magic brass hose, a magic mirror, and a magic ring that lets her understand birds. As well as a sword that can cure any wound it creates. She rescues a dying falcon that tells her that her boyfriend left her for another chick, The Squire’s Tale is either unfinished by Chaucer or is meant to be interrupted by the Franklin, who interjects that he wishes his own son were as eloquent as the Squire.

Chaucers opinion:[]

chaucer has some form of respect for the squire though he doesn't allow him to finish his story. the squire is very talented but is more fascinated by women then he is his duties. Chaucer created this character to represent someone similar to the Knight, but instead of having religion play an important role in shaping the character, the Squire is influenced by love.


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